Máy Bắn Bóng Rổ / Bóng Đá Tương Tác Vui Nhộn C

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: Little waiter (digital)
Model no. a805
Applicable age: 3 4 5 6
Game type: other
Origin: mainland china
Application of gender: neutral
Toy type: plastic toys
Color classification: little angel basketball machine small devil football machine: small devil football machine+small angel basketball machine lucky rocker
Do you have a lead video: yes
▲▲(important reminder) please choose the distribution mode according to the size and quantity of the product. otherwise, the package cannot be delivered successfully because of the excess material, which further delays your timeIf you have product specifications, please contact us in a timely manner.
Package up to 45cm, trilateral total (long+wide+high) cap 105cm
(mode of distribution)
“Instructions for shipment”
Store goods are directly sold by manufacturers, wholesale price, good price, most of the goods can be purchased directly, we will help you deliver goods as soon as possible, if there is a shortage of goods, we will use (chat) to inform you
At the same time, we support buy, wholesale, price beautiful, large quantities of negotiable
Cancelation of change orders is generally not supported after issue. please contact customer service within 12 hours. our customer service period is 8: 30am-18: 30pm per day.
Please do not order for unaccompanied goods, avoid the loss of the order due to the cancelation of the order and compensate for the full amount of money and pursue legal liability
(after sale)
If there’s a problem after delivery,Less shipments、There are major flaws,Please contact our customer service at one time to handle it for you,Please don’t rush to negative comments,Where there are suggestions or deficiencies in our store,Welcome feedback,We try our best to satisfy every customerIn addition, please forgive me for any minor defects in the bulk products.Perfectionist, subscript please be careful, do not want to cause each other to trouble oh
(positive feed

Máy Bắn Bóng Rổ / Bóng Đá Tương Tác Vui Nhộn C
Máy Bắn Bóng Rổ / Bóng Đá Tương Tác Vui Nhộn C


Specification: Máy Bắn Bóng Rổ / Bóng Đá Tương Tác Vui Nhộn C

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